This little author went to market …

Hello! And welcome to a brand new (and somewhat delayed) episode of WE’D LIKE A WORD in which Paul Waters and Stevyn Colgan talk to a virtual horde of authors about some of the ways that they’ve chosen to market their books.

It’s never been easier to publish a book thanks to initiatives like Amazon KDP (Kindle direct publishing) and others. But it’s also never been harder to get your book noticed and there’s a lot more pressure on authors these days to get involved in the marketing.

We talk to TV celebrity interviewer and keep fit guru Tina Baker, author of Call Me Mummy, who has dressed as bee, dressed in a wedding dress and undressed tastefully to promote her novel.

Paul, Tina and Stevyn

We also talk to Fiona Sherlock, author Preserved and Twelve Motives for Murder who has created murder mystery games that tie in to her books so that they become immersive. We asked listener Mark Vent and his family to try one of the games and you can hear how they got on during the episode.

Fiona (and murderous friends)

But there’s more …

We also talk to artist Lulu Allison, author of Salt Lick and Twice the Speed of Dark about her marketing ploys that make use of her artistic ability and discuss ways to get over the awkwardness of promoting your work (may involve unusual hats).

And we talk to Emma Grae whose novel Be Guid Tae Yer Mammy – written in the Scots language – has accidentally become embroiled in the whole question of Scottish independence. Is the phrase ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ really true?


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