Friends & supporters of We’d Like A Word

We’re lucky enough to be a radio show as well as a podcast. We’d Like A Word is broadcast on Wycombe Sound 106.6 FM every other Wednesday evening from 7-8pm. (The podcast episode follows the next (Thursday) morning.) The radio show is slightly different from the podcast – there’s news, ad breaks and often some appropriate music. If you want to hear the radio version, but have missed the live slot, you can listen again to it here. (Link to follow.)

And if any other radio station fancies carrying We’d Like A Word, please get in touch via social media or [email protected]

We record in a lovely studio courtesy of Cardora. Check them out if you’d like to send a free movie card. Cool, huh?

Kevin Lynch is the brains behind this website. He’s big into parkruns.

The black and white photographs were taken by Mark Page. (He was Erotic Artist of Year 2017. Ooer!)

The NOIRELAND Crime Fiction Festival in Belfast is full of friendly people with dark imaginations.

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