About Paul Waters

Paul Waters is the fella on the left. He’s the author of Blackwatertown (a thriller set on the Irish border in the 1950s). Please click here for more information, to pledge towards it, see the sinister/funny video or make an order. Sharing on social media is very welcome too. And if you want to see one of the inspirations for Paul’s book walking with the Queen – when she was still a Princess, click here.

Paul’s main claim to fame? Making PelĂ© his tea. Apart from that, he’s made radio programmes for various parts of the BBC while in South African townships, Swiss drug shooting-up rooms, undercover in Zimbabwe, with dissidents in Cuba, Rastafarians in Jamaica, on the beach in Los Angeles, on stage at the Edinburgh Comedy Fringe, in riots in Northern Ireland, while conducting football crowds in Bulawayo, and during “boylesque” lessons in Berlin. He’s still at it – making radio shows, that is.

Paul is originally from Belfast and worked in Romania, Wales, the USA, Germany, Poland, South Africa, Ireland and the UK – driving a cab, cooking, teaching, aid delivery, newspaper journalism, broadcasting, TV, podcasting and trying to get a charity single to Christmas No. 1. Not to mention broadcasting on the mighty mighty Wycombe Sound FM. And his much neglected blog is here.

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