Amish on writing Indian history as fiction

Amish Tripathi on writing Indian history as bestselling fiction: Diplomat, TV star & author Amish tells We’d Like A Word hosts Paul Waters & Stevyn Colgan about writing new versions of classic Indian epics like the Ramayana, in this 3-part episode. He shares how he creates bestselling series that sell millions of copies faster than any others in India. But how does he keep it exciting when most people know how these classic stories end? And what about those readers who feel they already “own” these stories & jealously police any deviations or fresh takes? How do these new tellings of old stories fit in with today’s India? Listen here.

Plus – as Amish is also a diplomat, head of the Nehru Centre in the UK, a TV presenter & a prolific author – how does he find the time? And what role does the Goddess play in how his books make it to print? And where & why does Amish Tripathi fit in the pantheon of one-name celebrities – Beyonce, Madonna, Prince, Masaba… Amish?

Amish is the author of the Shiva Trilogy, the Ram Chandra Series, & others. His latest book, the fourth in the Ram Chandra Series, is War of Lanka. Brace yourself for all-out conflict, intrigue, strategy, philosophy and some unexpected geography. Think you know your ancient Indian history? here’s a new take.

Melvyn Bragg, Eddie Izzard, Little Red Riding Hood, marriage & old British folk tales also get a mention. And we drink tea in the very grand surroundings of the Nehru Centre in London.