Gender Differences

Hello and welcome to a brand new episode of We’d Like a Word in which we’re talking sex. Sexy, sexy sex. Oh yes.

Can a man write a book from a woman’s perspective? And vice versa? Can men write sex scenes that aren’t laughable or liable to end up being nominated for the Bad Sex in Fiction Awards? And is it a form of ‘cultural appropriation’ to even try?

Paul and Steve discuss all this, and much more, on this episode featuring R J McBrien and Shelley Weiner.

R (Richard) J McBrien is best known as a TV writer with credits for series like Spooks, Merlin, Red Caps, Soldier Soldier, The Bill, and Wallander under his talented belt. He’s now written a novel – Reckless – in which he writes as the female protagonist.

R J McBrien

However, his task was made easier with the help of Shelley Weiner, a tutor at the world-famous Faber Writing Academy and the author of  A Sisters Tale,  The Last Honeymoon, The JokerArnost,  The Audacious Mendacity of Lily Green and many books on how to be a writer.

Shelley Weiner


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